Why Now?

Why Now?

Welcome to my first official blog post!

I am asking myself why I decided one year shy of turning 60 I want to blog? Truthfully, I crave the creative process – it is in my soul and it makes me happy. Remember this famous image? It’s not only architecturally gorgeous (greek revival design), but also from the movie, Forrest Gump.

It is one of my all-time favorite movies as there were so many meaningful lessons in its message. I carry them with me personally as well as use them in my interior design practice.

Pops Of Color

Lessons such as Honesty, Treat Everyone Equally, Don’t Be Afraid to Lose, and Always Try New Things Because You Might Be Good at Them. This last lesson struck a chord with me as it is never easy to step outside your comfort zone.

Sharing a bit about myself…

– I grew up as a first-generation Greek girl who sat around sketching exteriors of homes and dreaming big! I dreamt of being an architect and building magnificent homes which for some reason always had one giant tree on the right side.

After a semester of drafting classes, I realized that using compasses, rulers and doing geometry was not so pretty. But, what was pretty were fabrics, endless tile choices and viewing the beauty of architecture.


I did not step into interior design right away; I merely experimented in my own home and in
friends homes. After working in the corporate world and then a boutique luxury hotel, I decided
it was time for me to realize my true passion.

Arketa means pretty in Greek and isn’t that what we all want in our homes – something pretty to look at on our walls, something pretty functional and something that pretty much makes us feel good in our own environments.

This photo sums up exactly what I love to bring into my client’s homes –

Built In Bookshelf– functionality, a pop of color and having a space tell others who lives there.

Let’s talk about how you want your space to make you feel. It starts with your interests and what you want your home to say about you.

I hope you join me on my Arketa journey – I am so excited to share with you my love of design…whether you are a young family setting up your young child’s playroom, the empty nester who wants to downsize or simply refresh their home or have a special celebration that requires some interior tweaking.

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