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Vivian Robins Design is a full-service interior design firm serving Greater Boston and New England.

Our philosophy is founded on three fundamental principles.

1. We Listen

It’s essential that we get to know you. Our design process begins several steps before we even get to aesthetics. Once we’ve uncovered what really matters, we’ll transform your passions, pastimes, and favorite things into an absolutely spectacular space.

2. We Honor Our Relationships

We believe that amazing relationships lead to amazing results. As your dedicated advocate, we’ll be all about communication, transparency, and empathic problem-solving. We extend the same care and respect to our industry partners, contractors, and vendors. Our reputation has earned us the ability to match our clients with an amazing list of trusted home design and renovation resources.

3. We Keep it Simple

In a process that can be overwhelming, we’ve put in the time to learn every last detail by heart. We are experts in what you need to know– and when you need to know it. Think of us as your design interpreter.

  • If you don’t know what you like– we can work with that. Just tell us what you love: family vacations, your aunt’s antique dresser, sunsets on the Cape– anything can become our inspiration to create a space that’s all about you.
  • If your kitchen is buried in your family’s athletic equipment– we can tell you if you need to renovate or simply re-arrange.
  • Even if you’ve started the design process on your own and found yourself a little lost– we’ll be there to walk you out of the woods (and into a home you love).

Above all, we’ll strive to transform your home into a radiant, comfortable, and focused space that reflects you and your family completely.

Vivian Robins

Vivian grew up, pen in hand, sketching houses and imagining interiors.

As her career evolved, her open collaborative style (and penchant for precision) helped in her rise to leadership roles within hospitality for high-end hotels and restaurants.

After gaining essential experience working with high profile clients (and the occasional celebrity), Vivian went all-in on becoming a client-favorite in the world of interior design.

She sought interior design opportunities that developed both her artistic aesthetic and business acumen. Knowing she had talent and a unique visual perspective wasn’t enough– she prioritized mastering what goes on behind the scenes to offer her clients an experience that’s authentically beautiful.

Now, as the founder Vivian Robins Design, she’s proud to deliver incredible outcomes, backed by a roster of trusted industry relationships (did we mention she has family ties to construction experts?), and designs that simply delight.

Vivian Robins Design
Vivian Robins

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