If you have questions, we probably have answers:

What is your design fee?

This fee is based upon the scope of the project and how involved you want me to be with managing the project.

Do you have a defined style?

The foundation of my style is based on a timeless design. It is understated and sophisticated. This style is one that is designed to be functional, yet not bland nor boring. It’s a style that belongs to its space and its environment yet reflects the personality of those that live in the home.

How do you decide which projects you accept?

Full-service remodeling projects tend to go on for months and sometimes years. The most important factor is whether or not it is a good personality fit. I want to ensure that the partnership is both respectful and enjoyable for all parties.

Do you take on small scale projects? What if I just want my powder room updated?

Of course! A refresh is always a room picker-upper, a fresh wall covering alongside a fun lighting fixture and complimentary window treatment is definitely something we can do.

How does the process work?

– We have an initial paid consultation which entails discussing your project and what your needs are as well as taking on-site photographs. A series of questions are asked about your style, the scope of the project and whether an architect or builder need to be involved. A consultation overview is prepared and delivered within a week that outlines our discussion.

– Once hired, we prepare a second site visit to measure and discuss retaining any potential furniture. The next steps are to prepare an inspiration board that provides you an overview of the space-based upon the information we have gathered from our earlier conversations. This inspiration board is conceptual in nature, yet it showcases materials and images. We then will work collaboratively to pull together the finished design.

– Every aspect of the design is outlined. Whether it is a kitchen remodel that entails procuring a stylistic vent hood or designing and adding interior architecture to a space, we work with our trusted partners in delivering a well designed and constructed

How do we get started?

We have an initial phone conversation to determine the scope of the project and the date of the event. Once hired, we have an on-site visit and prepare a written overview of suggestions in preparation for the event.

How much do you charge?

Our design fee depends on the level of involvement with the project. For example, if you require us to hire one of our preferred floral designers for your event, specifications are given based on the budget decision.

Do you set up for buffets and or set tablescapes?

If the project is to set up strictly for a family buffet and /or a sit-down dinner party, we plan accordingly to meet the needs for food and floral.

How far in advance should I book for a Holiday party in December?

Late June is the best time to get started. The reason being summer schedules have not yet started and anything that needs to be procured for December is best done in the offseason so all deliveries and/or any customization that needs to be done is scheduled far in advance.

How do you charge?

My fee is based upon the space that needs to be styled and what is involved. For example, if hired to style bookcases, we determine which items the homeowner must use and how those will be incorporated into the design.

If a number of decorative objects must be secured, we discuss the budget. Part of that discussion also entails where these items are sourced (i.e., local retailer, to the trade only)?

Equally important is how involved is the customer in the process of making product selections. This plays a vital part in the design time and final cost as well.

How much time does it take to complete?

We determine when the project must be completed. This decision helps drive the direction of where items are procured and sourced.

What if I want to use my own personal collections in the final finished look?

Communication is the key to success in the final finished product. We pride ourselves in collaborating with our customers and weaving their personality into the finished design product.

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